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Corporate Responsibility

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Delivering ethically for customers with respect for the environment and society is central to
Axiom Rail and its staff.

Axiom Rail operates across the whole of Britain and parts of Europe and takes its environmental and social responsibilities seriously.

The continuous development of staff, safety and environmental policies by Axiom Rail ensures that the corporate responsibilities of the company to care for the welfare of its staff and manage its impact on the environment and society, while running rolling stock services, is met.

Care for the environment is one of Axiom Rail's key responsibilities and in order to minimise any adverse impact, Axiom Rail aims to:

  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation and standards and aspire to good business practice.
  • Minimise the adverse effects of its operations on the environment and its neighbours.
  • Monitor its environmental performance.
  • Make environmental issues a part of its decision making process

Axiom Rail is fully committed to considering the environmental and social impact of its services.