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The AMIII bogie became operational in 1998 and conforms to UIC, UK Rail Group and TSI standards. The AMIII can therefore replace conventional bogies and may be used to upgrade older wagons.

Compared to the UIC standard bogie (Y25), the AMIII has improved damping, radical wheel steering and a stiff H-frame.

This results in the following advantages:
  • Low track forces producing low bogie wear and reduced maintenance
  • Track friendly - low track wear
  • Freight friendly - low vertical acceleration
  • High speed of 140 KPH
  • Produces less noise than conventional bogies - 6 decibels
  • High axle loads of up to 30 tonnes - anticipating future axle-loads allowances

The AMIII is currently operating successfully in the UK and Finland.

Why choose Axiom Rail suspension systems?

  • Low maintenance costs
  • High axle loads
  • Low noise
  • High speeds
  • Freight friendliness
  • Track friendliness

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